Pacific Technology

Our unique approach to software will make sure your business is nimble, productive and ready to take opportunities.

Stand up to the flux

The world’s ever-changing business environment presents opportunities to get ahead fast. But equally, this constant innovation and change means your business management systems need to be robust and stand up to the flux.

Join the world’s best practice finance and administrative IT applications to make the day-to-day running of your business smooth and efficient.

Agile and adaptable service and products

Every company is unique, with its own set of variables. It’s our job to find the most efficient and easy-to-use IT solutions for your business, so that they evolve with its progress and growth, and we have over 20 years’ experience doing so.

Our unique approach to software and modular methods guarantees that we can adapt our applications to suit your needs, however big or small and without the costly and cumbersome teething problems that can come with new IT infrastructure and updates.

We pride ourselves on our fast and effective service – being there to assist in the smooth-running of business systems is our utmost priority.

Based on your industry’s best practice

At PTS we’re dedicated to tackling best practice challenges for organisations of all sizes by using smart technology. We base our technology developments on your industry’s global best practice, which means the accountancy, finance and administrative systems we’ll provide will be the most streamlined, mobile and accessible you’ll ever need.

PTS products enhance the brilliantly engineered Sage 300 framework. We want to help you efficiently and effortlessly manage every aspect of your operation – from account and finance, to customer and supplier relationships, human resources and payroll.

PTS has specific expertise in the petroleum, mining, hospitality, healthcare and NFP industries.

Cost-effective and needs-based

Being cost-effective is important to us. We specialise in needs-based, cost-effective systems, which can be used by businesses of varying size and across many different industries. We also work with client-specific systems, which are developed using the latest technologies.

Many PTS products are fully endorsed. The rigorous testing process that all our products have undergone, along with years of successful use by our vast range of clients, means you can feel rest assured our software solutions will deliver the competitive advantages you demand at a price you can afford.

By allowing us to take care of your business management systems, you will be able to view the bigger picture and focus on new opportunities, smarter growth and the future of your company.

Learn more about our products:

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  • Commitment Accounting
  • Funds Availability
  • Internal Issues
  • Key Communications
  • Production Performance
  • Purchasing Workflow
  • Workflow & Notifications
  • Workflow Documents